Ring-tailed lemur update

Sorry it’s taken so long to update you about the lemurs here. I’ve been busier than busy. It’s been a long road, and although the end can be seen, it is still way off in the distance. The end of the road: to add a group of five young ring-tailed lemurs to our group of two old ring-tailed lemurs. In July 2014 five ring-tailed lemurs from the Toledo Zoo made their way. Young, bouncy, and active… I never had suchRead more

Grabby McGrabby, aka Grabby Pants

Many of us Keepers have nicknames that we give to the animals in our care. Many times these nicknames are fitting to the personalities of the particular animal. One such animal is Maky, one of our new Ring-tailed Lemurs. Sherry and I have had the pleasure of taking care of the new Lemurs while they were in quarantine and we have gotten to know their personalities a little bit. One day when we were deworming the boys, Maky grabbed theRead more

New Lemurs

Surprise, our blog is not down nor re-designed. That will happen soon. Instead, let me show you some photos of our new lemurs. All the photos are of the lemurs at the Toledo Zoo. You’ll be able to see the five boys here starting on August 18th- come on by and look for them in the Indoor Viewing area and meet Oliver, Maky, Misa, dan, and Henri.    Read more