Grabby McGrabby, aka Grabby Pants

Many of us Keepers have nicknames that we give to the animals in our care. Many times these nicknames are fitting to the personalities of the particular animal. One such animal is Maky, one of our new Ring-tailed Lemurs. Sherry and I have had the pleasure of taking care of the new Lemurs while they were in quarantine and we have gotten to know their personalities a little bit. One day when we were deworming the boys, Maky grabbed the bowl I was holding to bring it closer to himself. Ever since, he continues to grab anything you put near him. I am quite fond of this little character and have nicknamed him Grabby McGrabby or Grabbypants! Here he is showing us just how grabby he can be. Initially I was holding onto the bowl so he could eat, but very quickly he took matters into his own hands and grabbed the bowl from me.

P1000702Maky taking his dewormer in banana. Maky taking his dewormer in banana.

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