Emergency Training: Making Darts

Do you ever wonder what we do on closed Mondays?  (Today, we’re cleaning the bear pool). We do several Emergency Training Drills a year and a closed Monday is the perfect opportunity. I recently wrote about lemur tracking, we also do full on drills that include fake animal escapes and or damage due to storms or trees down, you might recall when Leslie played a bear. Today’s post is about making darts. We would potentially use a dart to sedate an escapedRead more

Spotlight: Volunteer Mike

It feels like Mike has been around forever, but he only started volunteering with us last May. Mike helps us out mostly in the Farmyard. It’s no wonder he likes being in the Farmyard so much- for the past 20 years he’s lived on a farm in Durham with a bunch of horses and dogs (as well as some parakeets, a tarantula, and a human). He takes Max and Lightning for walks. He is also mainly responsible for keeping Lightning’sRead more

Christmas 2008

So this Christmas went much better (smoother) than last year. Last year I was up in the middle of the night with my daughter and this year I didn’t go to bed until 2:00 because I was getting ready for moving next week. I guess lack of sleep is the same as last year. But this year we are not in a drought, which is great news, and something I remember about last year’s Christmas. While at work today, IRead more