Christmas 2008

So this Christmas went much better (smoother) than last year. Last year I was up in the middle of the night with my daughter and this year I didn’t go to bed until 2:00 because I was getting ready for moving next week. I guess lack of sleep is the same as last year. But this year we are not in a drought, which is great news, and something I remember about last year’s Christmas. While at work today, I didn’t make any huge blunders, minor mistakes, lose any medicines, and most importantly I had the help of two great volunteers. You can see Mike (on the left) and Donald (on the right) below working hard. They took care of the entire Farmyard so I could work on other things.

Other great things about today’s work: Gus, our youngest bear, is walking much better. He was lame on his back left leg on Tuesday and he seems to be recovering nicely. The weather was wonderful. Two years ago I got soaking wet while working, but not this year. I didn’t spill any poop buckets, and didn’t get bit by anyone (although, the exhibit box turtle did come lunging at me with his mouth wide open, and yesterday the turkey bit me on the neck while I was weighing him).

There’s always something interesting that happens when I step in and help the Keepers out. I try not to make things worse, and this year I think I was successful. Let’ s hope Christmas 2009 goes as smoothly as this year!

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  1. Leslie says:

    I agree with Katy–we have some of the best volunteers around!

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