Christmas 2013

Twas the night before Christmas and left at my house, a bag of sweet potatoes for the Museum Bears.  (If I were Sarah, I am sure I could have come up with some great rhyme… in fact she probably could write my entire Christmas post to the Poem Twas the night before Christmas– check out her previous poems here and here). The day started with me very very tired, and unable to find my glasses. I’ve got about 10-15 pillowsRead more

Christmas 2012

It’s noon and here’s my report so far. What I learned on Christmas:   1) The Blue Jay does not like head lamps; 2) Lycus may wander, but he comes back; 3) Yona doesn’t like grapes; 4) when you have no donkey treats in the Farmyard and you need the donkey to take his meds, even if you try every single kind of dried fruit known to humankind, you still have to go back to the building to get donkey treats forRead more

Christmas 2011

A fairly uneventful Christmas 2011 is over. I am delayed in getting this post up as the Blog was apparently down. The day went like so: I arrived at 5:15 AM.  Saturday, I asked Marilyn to “set me up well” for the day, and she did just that, along with the added instruction list. I did not know that Ladybelle Ferret “liked” warm water in her carnivore care food so that was particularly helpful to know. I checked on theRead more

Christmas 2010

It’s around 11:00 and Christmas 2010 is very uneventful- nothing to laugh or cry about yet. (Click here to read about past Christmas’ which were much more interesting!) I arrived around 5:30 this morning. There was no rain, no flat tires, no really sick animals, nothing. I checked in with the security guard and then began my day. I let Ladybelle ferret wander around. It did take 10 photos to get this non-blurry photo of her. I worked through feeding,Read more

Christmas 2009

So, it’s not over yet, but Christmas 2009 has not been so bad. It’s not perfect- there wouldn’t be much to say if it was. I got in around 6:30, and slept pretty well so that’s a plus from previous years. There is heat in the building, which is excellent because there were some issues yesterday. I go to check on Nimbus, and she seems well. She takes her meds pretty well but leaves a present on my pants, as seenRead more

From the Wet Pocket of the Keeper

Or: Rain Or: It’s still raining Or: It’s STILL RAINING! Have you been outside today?!? Don’t go if you haven’t. Seriously, stay inside with some pie and coffee. You can trust me because I’ve pretty much spent the whole day in the great outdoors and the slosh of my shoe speaks for itself. I’m not completely complaining: it could be colder. And there’s something melancholy about a day like today that I kind of like. I’m also not complaining becauseRead more