Christmas 2009

So, it’s not over yet, but Christmas 2009 has not been so bad. It’s not perfect- there wouldn’t be much to say if it was. I got in around 6:30, and slept pretty well so that’s a plus from previous years. There is heat in the building, which is excellent because there were some issues yesterday. I go to check on Nimbus, and she seems well. She takes her meds pretty well but leaves a present on my pants, as seen below.

I get the rest of the treatments ready- lots of ferret meds and opossum stuff to get ready. I got more of the efa cap oil for the opossums on my sweatshirt than in the opossum food. I pull two more pills out to actually get some for the opossums…I believe my sweatshirt is ruined though.

Around 7:30 volunteer Ashlyn and her family show up to help before they hit the road to visit family in South Carolina for Christmas. (She emailed me yesterday and asked if I wanted her to come in and do the education animal holding rooms). I missed the shot of her husband inside the rabbit cage, and you cannot see her daughter locked in the cages with the ferrets. Ashlyn is laughing because she hasn’t dropped and broken the dishes yet (usually I break dishes, but not this year- thanks Ashlyn for covering me on this one).

In the Farmyard, Auggie and Miss Piggy are fine, although they want to come out and eat. It’s not raining, so out they went.

Donald came in to help also, yay! He helped doing most of the Farmyard all by himself. I got a radio call from him when I was at lemurs that Lightning was running around -he had slipped out of his halter. So, let me also thank Donald as it was not I who let an animal accidentally roam free this year.
We caught up Lightning and finished up the Farmyard. The gate to Scout’s (our Muscovy Duck) yard is broken- I think this is new. It will need to get fixed, but not today. We almost squeaked by without get rained on, but alas, we’re soaked. I wasn’t using the water-proof, drop-proof camera that Erin usually uses so I have no more photos to share.
Nothing that horrible has happened yet. All the animals seem fine, except one dead feeder-fish (these are the fish we keep on grounds to feed our water and garter snakes).
If you want to read about past Christmas’ at the Museum, click here. I hope everyone is having a relaxing and fun time with family or friends, or enjoying time by themselves on this Christmas. I am off to see an old friend and then be back later for PM treatments and feedings and checks.


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  1. Ashlyn says:

    Sherry, it was an entertaining morning from my point of view. Glad that we could be there and help out…broken dish not withstanding!

  2. Erin Brown says:

    I would also like to point out that I did remember to leave my camera, even if Sherry didn't use it…Glad everything went well!

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