Christmas 2010

It’s around 11:00 and Christmas 2010 is very uneventful- nothing to laugh or cry about yet. (Click here to read about past Christmas’ which were much more interesting!) I arrived around 5:30 this morning. There was no rain, no flat tires, no really sick animals, nothing. I checked in with the security guard and then began my day. I let Ladybelle ferret wander around. It did take 10 photos to get this non-blurry photo of her.


I worked through feeding, cleaning, treating, and checking on the indoor animals. At 8:00, two wonderful volunteers showed up to help: Donald and Megan. Megan was in and out so quickly I did not  get a photo of her. She worked on caring for our education animals, while Donald went to the Farmyard. I set him up and then left to go to Explore the Wild to see the bears, wolves, and lemurs. It was uneventful in Explore the Wild too!. The wolves were fine, as were the lemurs (and I didn’t have any poop issues like I did in 2007).I saw all five bears and the four youngsters came over to eat. Even Yona took her medicine easily and quickly.

Probably the worst thing thus far is my glasses fogging from doing the dishes. So, all in all, pretty boring. I’ll finish up soon and be back in the afternoon for feeding, checking, treating, etc. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Yay for Donald!
Hungry sheep
Max and Chummix (head butting is one of the things that Chummix does best)
Gus and Mimi were asleep in the cave until I whistled to tell them breakfast had arrived.
Virginia started on the cliff but came down and waddled over to eat.
Yona made her way down the cliff after Virginia.

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  1. Karyn says:

    Hurray for Sherry, Donald, & Megan. You guys are awesome!! Merry Christmas!

    Looks like we have snow coming our way…

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