Now I know why Christmas was so easy…

Christmas was a breeze, and now I know why- SNOW!!!!!! A bummer for me on my day off to be at the Museum, again, at 5:30 AM. The snow is beautiful, but it makes for quite the day of work. Kimberly and Sarah made it in to work- thank goodness. We’re closed today as it is not safe for guests to be on grounds until we can clear the paths.

bear yard in the snow

Yona was playing around in the snow. By the time I got close enough, she was done playing, and I was cold and wet and tired of trudging through the snow. After I gave her medicine to her, I tossed in her food, BAG AND ALL. I assume we will get the bag back at some point in the future.

Yona in the snow
Yona and lettuce and my food bag!

There are a bunch of trees on grounds that are bending from the weight of the snow- hopefully they won’t break.  We’ll start again tomorrow, trying to continue to dig out.

Hope you are enjoying the snow more than I am!

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