Bear Slumber Party

Our three youngest bears Mimi, Virginia, and Gus sleep in the bear house at night. They are usually waiting eagerly by the door at 5pm to come in and get their supper and bed down for the night. They have hay for bedding but we recently have been experimenting with a new sleep system, the bear hammock. Since bears can weigh over 300 pounds and have sharp teeth and claws we can’t use a human hammock. Keeper Kristen recently learnedRead more

Suppertime in the bear house

Like many of our animals, the bears get food when they come inside for the evening. At the beginning of the video you can see a that the bears first search out all their produce which has been hidden by the animal keepers. Later they spend time picking up all the small pieces of bear chow you can see in the foreground. Don’t miss the after dinner bath towards the end of video! Our oldest bear, Ursula, is not visibleRead more