Suppertime in the bear house

Like many of our animals, the bears get food when they come inside for the evening. At the beginning of the video you can see a that the bears first search out all their produce which has been hidden by the animal keepers. Later they spend time picking up all the small pieces of bear chow you can see in the foreground. Don’t miss the after dinner bath towards the end of video! Our oldest bear, Ursula, is not visible because she gets to eat by herself on the other side of the house. The keepers are currently working on training her to come in for the evening and have had some success recently.

This video is hosted at YouTube, if you have trouble viewing it you may need to upgrade your Flash software.

4 responses to Suppertime in the bear house

  1. Jeff Stern says:

    I’ve sent this to a few of my friends – it’s the first YouTube video I ever forwarded, so that’s an indication that it was really outstanding!

  2. Larry says:

    Our current camera setup is pretty primitive but we should be upgrading soon. I’m not sure how much you could really hear, however, maybe some crunching of the chow and an occasional low growl.

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