New Muskrats are here

Two new muskrats arrived in the past couple weeks. We have no good photos to share, or names. You are welcome to leave your name choice from the list below in the comment section… by February 11th. Captain and Tennille Frick and Frack Cagney and Lacey Barnum and BaileyRead more

What’s in a name?

Photo Here in the animal department naming an animal can be very tricky. Not because we are stuck on thinking of a name, but usually its because we can never agree on one.Sometimes it can become a rather comical heated debate amongst passionate keepers(* In the past we’ve done the voting process or had certain keepers pick certain animals names. When we had parakeets for our Math Core now named Math Moves exhibit, I remember we were happy because thereRead more

Quiz: Name That Bear

Ranger Greg often posts wonderful quizzes for everyone. Here’s mine to add to the mix. Name that bear¬† (Photos courtesy of Kelly Taylor- thanks Kelly). Bonus points for naming the fruit in photo #2. #1 #2 #3 #4Read more

Terms of venery

There are different definitions for this word, but in the form of this blog post,¬† terms of venery are collective nouns that describe groups that animals are in. No, this is not a English lesson so you don’t have to worry about studying.For example, everyone is familiar with a pack of wolves or a herd of cows. Sometimes these words can change just by action of an animal. An example of this would be a group of geese are aRead more