7 responses to Quiz: Name That Bear

  1. DJ says:

    …is #3 Yona? They all look like smiling and happy bears with their treats!!!

  2. Ashlyn says:

    #1 Gus
    #2 Ursula…with a pear?
    #3 Yona
    #4 Looks like Urs too

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m going with Kimberly on this one:
    1. Gus
    2. Urs (with a Mango)
    3. Gus
    4. Urs

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      Ashlyn got all the bears correct, and Sarah got the fruit!
      Well done folks.

  4. Ashlyn says:

    Yay! I was thinking that looked like a mango but hadn’t seen any on the list lately (hadn’t had time to look either). Good job Sarah!

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