My development friends think I should join their team since I am so good at raising $$.  I recently sold a BUNCH of peanuts to raise money for programs that support the prevention of child abuse  (For the Exchange Clubs Family Center of Durham). This is a fun time for me: I ask for money to help support the prevention of child abuse (who can turn that down!) and then I mention that the Museum’s bears seem to LOVE peanuts.Read more

The end of the year (and a QUIZ too!)

Our fiscal year ends September 30th. I’ve been watching the budget closely and been waiting to see if we have money to get some items that we can use now and store to help out with next year’s budget. So, yesterday I went to Costco and filled up my truck: Sarah walked into the kitchen after we unloaded, took a look, and turned around and left! (180 pounds of peanuts (36 bags); 180 pounds of raisins (40 boxes); and then only about 12 bagsRead more