The end of the year (and a QUIZ too!)

Our fiscal year ends September 30th. I’ve been watching the budget closely and been waiting to see if we have money to get some items that we can use now and store to help out with next year’s budget. So, yesterday I went to Costco and filled up my truck:

I had a cart full of stuff too, but this is the nuts and dried fruit.

Sarah walked into the kitchen after we unloaded, took a look, and turned around and left! (180 pounds of peanuts (36 bags); 180 pounds of raisins (40 boxes); and then only about 12 bags of mangoes, Craisins, apricots, and blueberries.


Here’s a Quiz for those who’d like to try. Take a look at the photo below of my truck loaded and tell me:

#1: What items on my truck are not in the photo above

#2: Which of these other items (I think there are five items on my truck that were not on my cart) are used for the animal department.

My truck is overflowing with stuff!

I think this is the most filled my truck has been with food (even the watermelon didn’t take up this much space). We’ll also use the raisin boxes for enrichment!

3 responses to The end of the year (and a QUIZ too!)

  1. Mike says:

    #1 Water, gloves, some sort of pastry, cookies?, Farmland stuff.

    #2 Water…

  2. Steve & Sue Cripe says:

    Don’t know about the contest, but you need a bigger truck Sherry…!

  3. Sherry Samuels says:

    I suspect I could have fit more on the truck if I packed it better- so no bigger truck needed (but thanks for thinking of me).

    As for the 5 items: cookies, pie, half&half, water, and nitrile gloves. The gloves are used in the animal department. Everything else was for a birthday party and coffee add-ins.

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