An easy way to lose weight fast!

I know it sounds like an infomercial that you would see on TV late at night when you can’t sleep, but it’s not. Unlike those television gimmicks, this method actually has guaranteed results, and doesn’t require any bulky machines that have to get shipped to your house. The unfortunate part about this sure-fire weight loss plan is… It’s only for sheep. You may have guessed what I’m talking about by looking at our freshly sheared wooly friends in the picture below. Yes, that’sRead more

More Out of the Pocket Than in the Pocket of a Keeper: Volume the Third

Fall is in the air at last(ish)! I really enjoy this time of year when everything is cooling down again (although in our case it’s more like colding down and then heating up and then finally, maybe, cooling down a little, for now, if we’re lucky and don’t jinx it. Oops.). Regardless, October is definitely one of my favorite months because it’s such a transition month (my other favorite month is March for the same reason. Have you heard theRead more

In the Pocket of a Keeper Part Deux

Or: Hey! I can actually do work with this thing (kinda)! Another week of constant camera carrying has concluded, chronicling my crazy week (I love alliteration!). This week I’ve learned a few things: 1) You take your camera home A LOT when you keep it in your pocket all the time 2) That’s not such a bad thing because you end up running into people who ask you if you work at the Museum (because you are still wearing yourRead more

In the Pocket of a Keeper

Sherry just bought a new camera for the Animal Department (I was thinking about starting this post by saying, “I totally talked Sherry into buying a new camera for the Animal Department”, because I totally did, but I won’t). It’s pretty fabulous and quite perfect because it’s shockproof up to 5 feet and waterproof up to 10 feet. Not water resistant, but waterproof. Meaning I could hop right into the muskrat exhibit and take an underwater picture with him. OneRead more


We have been dealing with a lot of watermelons in the animal department lately. They are truly multipurpose berries. They are great food for bears and a great way to welcome back a coworker from vacation. Sherry and I noticed some evidence of watermelon consumption in the bear house the other day. The bears obviously coordinated their defecations in order to teach us a lesson about how plant pigments are processed in the digestive tract.Read more