Wildlife wins: refuges get to stay refuges

In a series of previous posts, I have discussed many different threats to the wild red wolf population in eastern North Carolina. About a year ago there was another topic that, had it not been abandoned, had the potential to threaten red wolves and several other wildlife species, as well. There was a proposal to place a naval outlying landing field (OLF) in the areas surrounding two of eastern North Carolina’s wildlife refuges. This Navy landing field would have beenRead more

An outing to help wildlife

Keeper Marilyn and I traveled to the Piedmont Wildlife Center’s Festival for Wildlife this past Saturday, and took some of our education animals with us (and some other museum educators from our Science Education Resource Center). The festival was a fun fundraiser for PWC, who take in and rehab injured wildlife and get them back out into the wild. It’s nice to have a working relationship with a place like PWC; many of our animals here at the museum areRead more