An outing to help wildlife

Keeper Marilyn and I traveled to the Piedmont Wildlife Center’s Festival for Wildlife this past Saturday, and took some of our education animals with us (and some other museum educators from our Science Education Resource Center).

The festival was a fun fundraiser for PWC, who take in and rehab injured wildlife and get them back out into the wild. It’s nice to have a working relationship with a place like PWC; many of our animals here at the museum are rehabbed wildlife whose injuries have left them unable to survive in the wild. Most recently, PWC hooked us up with another rehabilitation center in Virginia, and now Beaker, the blind opossum, lives here and visits kids and classrooms! Check out the PWC website– — they always have some kind of fun and/or educational thing going on.

Here are some pics from the Festival : Marilyn with our Pine Snake, Optimus Prime, and me with our American Alligator, Ed.

Thanks to photographer Jim Kramer from Efland for taking these photos for us!

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