Pig Quiz

#1: Name the pigs ( easy?) #2: Whose arm is in the first photo (also fairly easy) #3: What two items are being fed to the pig Need a clue as to the food? If so, continue reading. If not, stop right here.   The two foods are holiday/festival related, although the holidays are unrelated to each other. Think Halloween and Pesach (Passover).Read more

A pleasant morning walk

A few days ago, I set off from the building around 9:00 am to go train the red ruffed lemurs in Explore The Wild (ETW). I decided to take a camera so that I could take pictures of some of our animals along the way. I first stopped off in the farmyard and was greeted by the two nigerian dwarf goats, Patches and Rocky. They are brothers and both like a good head and neck scratch from keepers and visitors alike, but thisRead more

Meet your new roommate

You may have heard about our newest addition to the farmyard, Auggie the pig. He is a cutie! Originally, he had been living elsewhere on grounds while he was in quarantine (which just means he is kept away from the other animals while we monitor him to make sure he is healthy). Once he was ready to move to his permanent home in the farmyard, it was time to introduce him to his new roommate, Miss Piggy. We decided toRead more

QuickPost: baby photos

I went to grab the waterproof camera- the one that Erin refers to as hers or the one she suckered me in to buying- so I could take some photos that people had been asking for. I couldn’t find it. I bet Erin went away on vacation and left it in her pocket. So, instead of showing you the photos of my hair-balled cat who I was home sick with, or our new pig shelter, or the keepers hard atRead more