A pleasant morning walk

A few days ago, I set off from the building around 9:00 am to go train the red ruffed lemurs in Explore The Wild (ETW). I decided to take a camera so that I could take pictures of some of our animals along the way. I first stopped off in the farmyard and was greeted by the two nigerian dwarf goats, Patches and Rocky. They are brothers and both like a good head and neck scratch from keepers and visitors alike, but this morning they decided that the brushes attached to the fence would work just fine.

Rocky is enjoying a good early morning head rub on one of the brushes in his yard.
Apparently Patches, Rocky's brother, prefers a good early morning chin scratch!

After watching the goats for a little while, I caught keeper Kimberly in action while she was brushing Lightning and picking his hooves. This is something we do every morning with Lightning to keep his hooves in good shape. He also gets walked around the campus if time allows.

Keeper Kimberly brushing Lightning the donkey. Look at how handsome Lightning is in his new purple halter!

After that, I went over to say hi to the pigs. They both came running to the fence, but I’m not sure if Auggie wanted food or a soothing eye wash.

What a cute face...

As I rounded the corner, I saw Max the steer and Chummix the goat soaking up some morning sun rays. Seems pretty relaxing to me…

Max lounges in the sun while Chummix stands next to him wondering what I'm doing.

I left the farmyard and made my way to Explore The Wild. But before stopping at the lemur house to train the red ruffeds, I headed to the wolves so that keeper Jill and I could go into the exhibit and scatter their morning food. Although red wolves are extremely shy animals, we only enter their exhibit with two or more keepers.

The female red wolf watches Jill as she scatters the food in the exhibit. She usually comes down to eat as soon as we move to the other side of the exhibit.

Jill scattered the food while I watched the red wolves and made sure of their locations while we were in the exhibit.

Mmmmm, yummy meatballs!

Once we finished in the wolf yard, I made my way over to the lemur house and trained. I don’t have any pictures of that, but I hope you enjoyed my morning stroll at the museum!

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  1. Marilyn Johnson says:

    CORRECTION: I just found out that Rocky and Patches are actually not brothers…. at least not in the blood sense. But I feel confident in saying that they are adopted brothers to each other. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. That is all.

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