Yona on Ice!

With the cold weather in the past month the pool in the bear exhibit froze over. It was so frozen that the middle pool could actually hold the weight of the bears! Typically, the bears tend to avoid the snow and ice but on this particular day I guess Yona was feeling playful! I was able to capture this video of her playing on the ice!  Read more

Lightning plays fetch

We don’t usually have much time to play with the animals because we are busy cleaning their exhibits and feeding them. However, when the opportunity arises, we always try to take full advantage! Check out this video of me and Lightning playing fetch. Watch how Lightning actually does a lot more with the ball than just “fetch” it; he swings it around in his mouth, runs it down the fence railing, plays tug-of-war with me, and even picks up hisRead more

Time for Recess!

How can you deny this face when he wants to play? That was the same thing I thought this morning… I drove by the farmyard as I was on my way to Explore the Wild to start my day of cleaning and feeding. Lightning, our donkey, ran up to the fence with the toy he plays with the most, a red Jolly Ball. He plays fetch with it all the time, but he seems to enjoy playing tug-of-war with itRead more

Life as a Keeper

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an Animal Keeper? Many times, I have told people my profession and they light up and say something like,”Oh, what fun! You get to play with animals all day!” Part of that statement I can say is true: I love my job and I think it is very fun. But playing with the animals is somewhat of a misconception. Our job is actually predominantly made up of cleaning. In fact, theRead more