Time for Recess!

How can you deny this face when he wants to play? That was the same thing I thought this morning…

I drove by the farmyard as I was on my way to Explore the Wild to start my day of cleaning and feeding. Lightning, our donkey, ran up to the fence with the toy he plays with the most, a red Jolly Ball. He plays fetch with it all the time, but he seems to enjoy playing tug-of-war with it even more! It was surprising to see Lightning wanting to play so early in the morning, as he usually gets more playful in the afternoon when visitors are around. But for some reason he was ready to play right then, and I was the only one around.

Usually I play fetch with Lightning whenever I can, but at first I drove by thinking, ” I don’t have time to play right now”. I changed my mind as he watched me pass him and then dropped his toy. Although I knew there were things that needed to get done, I also knew that we don’t get much opportunity to play with our animals (for more on this, read Life As A Keeper). Taking this into consideration, I decided it was worth it to take some time and play with him. When I stopped and went back, he picked his Jolly Ball back up and met me at the fence.

We played fetch and tug-of-war for about five minutes before I left to go down to Explore the Wild. Even though it was a short recess, it started my day off with a laugh and a smile.

5 responses to Time for Recess!

  1. ErinH says:

    That is a GREAT picture. I don’t know that I would be able to pass up the opportunity, either. I think you made a good decision.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I know what that look is- My dog does the same thing sometimes when she wants to play. I don’t always have time but it makes me happy to play too. It sure beats chores (even tho they still must be done).

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