Summer Camps over

With August done and gone so are the close to 50 programs the Keepers did for Museum summer campers.   I know, a really crappy picture I took of her, like other crappy pictures I take. HOWEVER… Katy is smiling in this photo:  Read more

Behind the Scenes Programs

About once, sometimes twice, each month we do special behind the scenes programs. These programs are really fun to do- spending extra time with some of the animals and some of our members is a special experience for everyone involved. A couple weeks ago at the bear behind the scenes program I challenged some adults to tattoo themselves and send me the photos. Thanks to Courtney (and Ro), below, for being my first takers. We had a fun night makingRead more

October is here- an evening with the wolves is upon us

October brings all sorts of nice things. Halloween, cooler weather, a new fiscal year, Pumpkin Patch Express, and a bunch of wolf stuff.    October is when our wolves get their annual physicals and when wolf transfers tend to occur. Before our male wolf heads off to his new home, we’ll celebrate Wolf Awareness Week (October 14th-20th). We’ll be doing programs down at the wolf exhibit daily at 2 PM, but our special event is in the evening.  On OctoberRead more


!!!Guest Blogger Keeper Jill!!! On February 9th, Birdapalooza offered a further glimpse into the world of birds and gave guests an opportunity to learn about native and non native species to North Carolina. Since birds are one of my favorite types of animals, I jumped at the chance to attend Predators from the Sky which gave information about birds of prey. The Carolina Raptor Center gave an excellent presentation about some of the birds they have rehabilitated and general factsRead more

The Benefits of Public Programs

One of the many aspects of our job as animal keepers is to help educate the public. Programs are the best way to share information about our animals while also allowing us to talk about wildlife and the dangers that some species face today. In the process, these programs give us the opportunity to reach out and interact with our visitors so they can ask us questions that, unless through this blog, they would otherwise not be able to. TheRead more