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On February 9th, Birdapalooza offered a further glimpse into the world of birds and gave guests an opportunity to learn about native and non native species to North Carolina. Since birds are one of my favorite types of animals, I jumped at the chance to attend Predators from the Sky which gave information about birds of prey. The Carolina Raptor Center gave an excellent presentation about some of the birds they have rehabilitated and general facts about these raptors. We were able to see several types of birds up close, including Barred Owls and Eastern Screech Owls which we have right here on display in the museum.
The highlight of the day was a close-up program I was able to do with our Red Tailed Hawk, Misha. He is one of my favorite animals here and I love any opportunity to talk about him. Many of the guests seemed interested in asking lots of questions and at the museum we try to provide ample opportunity with our other “Meet the Keeper” programs.

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