QuikPics: Dashboard Cookies

Most everyone has heard the adage, “it’s so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk!” or some variation of it. I wondered, similarly, if it would be possible to bake cookies on the dashboard of my car on a 100+ degree day. This is a science museum, after all! Words of caution: I cannot speak to the safety of eating cookies that baked in a car for nearly 10 hours. There are eggs and other ingredients in cookieRead more

Mimi Takes a Shower

Welcome to summer in the South. It’s hot. Mimi, one of our female black bears, has taken to coming to visit whomever is cleaning the bear house in the morning to get sprayed down with the hose. She’s been especially cute as the temperatures have gotten hotter. Last Sunday, I managed to coordinate my cellphone and the hose well enough to get some of her morning shower on video! Watch below!Read more

It’s HOT out there.

We all know it’s been a hot summer. We talk about it every morning before we start our day. Animals, just like people can succumb to heat related issues. However, we never want it to get that far with the Museum’s animals. We prepare every year for the temperatures to rise and how to best take care of ourselves and our animals.    We make sure that there is plenty of shade and water for our bears, wolves, and lemursRead more