QuikPics: Dashboard Cookies

Most everyone has heard the adage, “it’s so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk!” or some variation of it. I wondered, similarly, if it would be possible to bake cookies on the dashboard of my car on a 100+ degree day.

This is a science museum, after all!

Cookie dough on dashboard
Fresh dough, ready for the car oven.
halfway done cooking cookies
About 4 hours into cooking. Lots of the oil seeped from the dough, but the cookies were actually cooking!
almost done cookies
I ate one, for science! It was about half done and better than expected.
Cooked cookie
By the end of my work day, they were totally cooked. Also, my car smelled awesome.

Words of caution: I cannot speak to the safety of eating cookies that baked in a car for nearly 10 hours. There are eggs and other ingredients in cookie dough that may, if not cooked thoroughly or at the appropriate temperatures, cause illness.

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  1. Steve Cripe says:

    Give the cookies to Katy…she’ll try anything for science!

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