Big Word of the Month: Symbiosis

Many of the animals at the museum live with another animal of a different specie. They might live together because they seem to like each other or because they don’t bother one another and fit the exhibit well (large exhibits with 1 animal are pretty boring if that one animal doesn’t want to be in sight of guests). Some of the animals we have together are a donkey and dwarf goats, a steer and a boer goat, a pine snakeRead more

Quik Post:Phone messages

Since Marilyn is terrified of ticks, its not unlike us keepers to have some fun with her. Ok, actually at her expense and when I say keepers, I  mean its mostly me. Marilyn and I work different schedules so I left a message for her before I was off for the weekend. The little dot in the message section is a tick I taped to the paper that I found on myself.Read more

Tick Magnet

There are many joys to being an animal keeper, but as with any job it also has its downfalls. Pesky little bugs and bloodsuckers would be one of those downfalls. When working outside in the summer, we obviously deal with an onslaught of these critters. We become fantastic meals for  mosquitoes, ticks and chiggers while we are diligently doing our jobs and not paying attention to what might be joining us as we work. I am known to have aRead more