Quik Post:Phone messages

Its an urgent message!

Since Marilyn is terrified of ticks, its not unlike us keepers to have some fun with her. Ok, actually at her expense and when I say keepers, I  mean its mostly me. Marilyn and I work different schedules so I left a message for her before I was off for the weekend. The little dot in the message section is a tick I taped to the paper that I found on myself.

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  1. Marilyn Johnson says:

    First of all, I think “terrified” is a very strong word. I’d like to think of it more as being disgusted by them! Secondly, this is not the only tick message that Jill has left me. There have now been several ticks taped to the pages of our log books, withe the note “for Marilyn” written beside them. I learned a long time ago that it’s best just to laugh at yourself… and that is especially true with this job! However, I have mentioned to another keeper that if I continue to find ticks taped everywhere, I might just have it in for Jill soon!

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