Winter Weather?

While we didn’t go out yesterday and buy bread and milk, we did prepare in other ways for the possibility of winter weather.
Monitoring the weather forecast was probably highest on the list. If the forecast had been worse, there would have been less watching the forecast and more preparing for the upcoming event, but since the forecast was iffy, a lot of watching took place.
As for things we did do, we made sure the outdoor animals had enough bedding to honker down. We made sure our vehicles were fueled up and our walkie-talkies charged. Wednesday was a shopping day so we knew we would have enough food on grounds for the animals. And of course, we reviewed our severe weather preparedness procedures and who lived closest to the Museum and would be likely to get here.
My day started at 4:30, when I woke and checked the weather. I arrived at the Museum at 6:00. Now that it is about 7:30 and three Keepers are here, I’ll head home and stay with my daughter who’s school does not start until 10:15.
Any precipitation is great now, and since it’s mostly rain, it means a day as usual, just wetter.

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