EnrichBits: Paper mache

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Often our youth volunteers will help us do enrichment projects for the animals, and paper mache-ing balloons is a project I usually offer up to them, thinking it’s a good break from all the cleaning we ask of them. After the balloon dries we pop it and use the paper shell as a non toxic and ok-if-a-little-is-ingested toy that can hold hidden treats. This is use of both tactile and feeding/foraging enrichment.
To my surprise, some of the youth do not want to do this messy task! I used to love paper mache-ing things when I was a kid– almost all my class projects included a flour paste mound of newspaper strips in some form or fashion.
Does any one else still love this crafty project or am I the only one?

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  1. Marilyn says:

    I might be the only person who doesn’t remember doing paper mache in school when I was younger. But I’ve done some since becoming a keeper, and I think it’s pretty fun.

  2. ErinH says:

    You are not alone, Kristen. Any chance I get to get messy AND be creative is a bonus in my day. When I am looking for a quick break, I may have to come down and help you guys make some enrichment.

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