They make Bear Chow?

Lio. Copyright 2008 Mark Tatulli. Use by permission of Universal Press Syndicate. All rights reserved.

Lio is one of my new favorite comic strips –if you haven’t read it before, it’s a mostly pictorial view of one slightly weird little boy who hangs with under-the-bed monsters and assorted aliens and other creatures, and who deals with school bullies using his own imaginative inventions. It’s pretty funny, and the Sunday color illustrations are really neat.Anyway… this strip ran a few weeks ago, and made me think of all the strange food we buy for our animals, that, much like “Creature Flakes”, you would never think exist!

We use Freshwater Flakes for our tinfoil barb fish, and Game Fish Chow for our trout (and some of our herps eat it too). The ferrets get Premium Ferret Diet, and the chinchillas eat a blend called Chinchilla Formula. Mini Pig Chow, Sheep Feed Pellets and Goat Feed line our shelves, as do my two favorites… Old World Monkey Diet for our lemurs and Omnivore Diet for our bears! I remember when I first began volunteering in the animal department and thought “They make bear chow?”
We supplement (sometimes heavily) many of these dry foods with fruits and vegetables, but these funny titled bags of food are the core of many of our animal diets!

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