Spotlight: Leiana Leon Guerrero

Leiana is the Museum’s Director of Family and School Experiences and has her Master’s degree in Science Education. I worked closely with Leiana in the spring when I trained her and other Museum staff to handle and use our red tailed hawk for programs.

Leiana has been at the Museum for almost 7 years, and has been doing all sorts of programs the entire time. She does whatever is necessary, and she’ll do it with a smile on her face. No day of hers looks the same, as you never know what might be on her agenda (meetings, teaching programs, planning events, writing summer camp, coming up with new education ideas, budgets and schedules, handling problems, walking the hawk, etc.). She loves the hawk, bugs, seeing kids use their imaginations, making kids think, giving kids a voice, getting dirty, introducing kids to new experiences (and animals): she loves just about everything!

She just (last night) coordinated a really great special event: An Evening With Wolves. (Brad took video of the event and I am sure you will get a chance to see it in the future).

I love every opportunity I get to work with her and you’d be lucky to be working on a project with her, or attending one of her programs. Look for her around the Museum if you have a chance- she’s someone who you won’t want to miss.

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