Nothing interesting to write about

I haven’t posted anything in awhile: I’ve been off work dealing with moving, and when I have been at work it’s been sitting at my desk, mostly dealing with, well, dealing. I’ve been phoning, faxing, and emailing a whole bunch about permits, licensing, applications, etc. A few things are listed below.

  • I called the NC State Department of Health and Human Services to schedule disposal of our expired controlled drugs.
  • Some of our state wildlife permits did not arrive on time or were not exactly correct. When I spoke to the folks at NC Wildlife, they were apologetic and happy to accommodate us. Some of the permits are being written up completely differently, so that required a lengthier and more detailed inventory of our animals.
  • Yesterday I filled out an application for a new veterinary supply company, and this morning I faxed off copies of our new DEA license and veterinarian’s license to a veterinary supply company that notified me about the need to send them updated ones.

Not as interesting as hearing what the Keepers have to say about working with the animals, but it’s stuff that needs to get done. I’m off now to go make copies of floor plans for our evacuation training next week: hopefully next time I post something it will be more interesting!

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