Snow at the Museum

As you know we got snow today. It was coming down hard enough and the roads were slick enough that the Museum was closed today. Three of the Keepers (Kent, Larry, and Cassidy) made it in to work (and made it so the other keepers did not have to come in). All the animals were fine. Pig was huddled under is heat lamp and piles of blankets. Mimi and Gus were curled up in the bear house, Ursula was in the cave and Virginia in “the pit”. The wolves were wandering.

(bear exhibit in the snow)

I saved a few trees this afternoon when I returned to feed and check on the animals, give them their needed treatments, and checked in with some folks off site who needed to know the status of things on grounds. It’s beautiful on grounds when it snows.

It’s hard to see pig under his heat lamp and blankets, but he’s there.

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