Miss Piggy

We have a new arrival at the museum that just got here 3 days ago! Miss Piggy came to us from Pig Pals because they thought that she would be a great companion for our current pig. She will be in quarantine for at least a month to make sure she is healthy and free of any parasites before joining Pig, but eventually you will be able to come visit her in the farmyard. Stay tuned in the future for a Creature Feature to learn more about her!

5 responses to Miss Piggy

  1. Nancy says:

    Hey Marilyn-Nancy here. Miss Piggy is super cute! Can't wait to meet her!Thanks to the animal department and our friends at Pig Pals for bringing her to the Museum.Does she eat the same diet as Squeeler? Does she have any favorite treats?Thanks,-Nancy

  2. Marilyn says:

    Hey Nancy-Currently she is eating a mixture of her old and new chow so we can move her over gradually. But she is getting all the fruits and veggies that Squealer gets, and she seems to like almost everything!

  3. My son Joey and I just read the most recent 10 or so entries in this blog and loved them. He could not believe the wild bear had walked through the culvert in the play area and by the dust pans where he had just played this past weekend. That fascinated him. We'll be back to read more when there's more to read:-) Thanks!

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