Explore the Wild (in the lemur exhibit)

I was feeding the lemurs a while ago, spreading their food around the exhibit on the rocks, the branches and in crooks of trees, and nearly plopped a piece of banana -smeared chow onto this little guy!

He’s a gray tree frog. I had the camera with me, and thought I should get a shot of how well he camouflages himself.

I had already let the lemurs into the exhibit, and Satyrus was following me around, trying to anticipate my every food placing move when he lept up onto the tree (while I was trying to take another picture!!) and put his big old lemur foot right on my new friend.

Satyrus’s foot.

I quickly shooed him off, and Mr. Invisible, who was not smooshed, but probably just wondering why it suddenly got so dark and smelly, jumped to a leaf to avoid our commotion.

I looked him up in our reptile and amphibian book to make sure that’s what he was (and because keeper Kent was not around to confirm) and learned some new things: this frog has bright orange legs (on the concealed surfaces) and is not often seen on the ground or at water’s edge outside of breeding season.
They blend in so well that their presence is often only known by their call ( a flute like trill, similar to a red-bellied woodpecker), or of course, if you’re scattering lemur chow!

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  1. Wendy A says:

    Wonderful! I've never seen one of these! In Galveston,TX, where I lived for many years, we'd have green tree frogs and anoles and pink spotted geckos all over the screens and glass doors at night eating the bugs attracted to our house lights.

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