Meet Auggie

This is Auggie, a three month old pot bellied pig. He arrived Saturday weighing a hefty 20 pounds. He’ll spend 30 days in quarantine, and then we’ll introduce him to Miss Piggy. We’ll continue to post photos on the Blog so you can keep up with him prior to his arrival in the Farmyard in mid December.

4 responses to Meet Auggie

  1. Shawntel says:

    I can't wait to reintroduce myself to Auggie. I'm afraid I didn't make a good first impression the first time we met.

  2. Kathy says:

    Oh my goodness, what an adorable little pig. Our family can't wait to see him when he's home in the farmyard. Thanks to all of the keepers for all you do to make the museum such a special place.

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