Rough week…it’s been busy

It’s been busy in the animal department. Keepers have been out and extra “animal things” have been popping up. As you know, good things don’t often pop up. Here’s a quick review for you:

Larry posted about euthanasia recently so death is in the air. One of our corn snakes had a tumor- it was growing so quickly you could see it change daily. Surgery was attempted to remove it, but the tumor had already spread to several organs and the snake had to be euthanized last Thursday. Then, Sunday, our milk snake (named “2%”) who had been battling illness was found dead.

Katy took our red tail hawk, Misha, in for x-rays yesterday, along with the spotted salamander. The salamander has a broken leg, and it seems like Misha is just old and arthritic (we’ll start him on some meds).

I’ve been working on our alligator transfers (I’ll write about this later), updating lots of permits, and contacting contractors for a variety of projects and repair work that needs to happen.

Things should settle down and you’ll hear again from the Keepers soon. Thanks for being patient with our lack of posting during this busy time.

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  1. ktraphagen says:

    Keep up the good work! We appreciate all you do for the animals (and us!)I noticed the new "green things" in the lemurs outdoor exhibit. Fun!!Karyn

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