Rough week…it’s been busy

It’s been busy in the animal department. Keepers have been out and extra “animal things” have been popping up. As you know, good things don’t often pop up. Here’s a quick review for you: Larry posted about euthanasia recently so death is in the air. One of our corn snakes had a tumor- it was growing so quickly you could see it change daily. Surgery was attempted to remove it, but the tumor had already spread to several organs andRead more

What a crazy day (at least for me)

Today started out at 7:00. Katy, Marilyn, Cassidy and I caught our female wolf. We wanted to get a look at her incision site on her chest from her surgery, as well as draw blood and take a look at a new scratch we noticed on her hip over the weekend. Dr. Vanderford was here for vet rounds (which is why we were catching the wolf), but it made for a busier than usual Tuesday. Kent was off so ErinRead more