What a crazy day (at least for me)

Today started out at 7:00. Katy, Marilyn, Cassidy and I caught our female wolf. We wanted to get a look at her incision site on her chest from her surgery, as well as draw blood and take a look at a new scratch we noticed on her hip over the weekend.

Dr. Vanderford was here for vet rounds (which is why we were catching the wolf), but it made for a busier than usual Tuesday.
Kent was off so Erin was working in the Farmyard and we got a delivery of 80 bags of sani chips to be unloaded. A few minutes after the delivery, Erin was stung on her eye lid. The photo is after benadryl, ice, and time- her eye was much worse but we were focused on other things rather than getting the best photo (next time we’ll make sure the good photo comes first).
Larry went up to cover the Farmyard work, at least after he came with me and drove our wolf to the building for her procedure. (Jill then helped in the Farmyard after her work too). I headed to the Farmyard to help after delivering the wolf to the building.

The small scrape we thought the female wolf had was a deep puncture wound (likely from a stick or a branch). It’s hard to tell in the photo but the wound is about an inch in diameter. She’s on antibiotics and we’ll check her again on Monday when Dr. Staab-Carter is here.

I bought the Keepers lunch, took Annie to get her car, ordered drugs from two different veterinary supply companies.

In a few minutes I am meeting with Katy and Kristen. I am going to spend some time with Katy on her bear training. This should be a nice end to a busy day.

I really should clean my office since I almost fell trying to make my way out of it, but I think that will have to wait for another day.

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