What are you talking about!?

I have often thought of the types of things we (the keepers) say on a daily basis that sound completely normal to us, but would probably sound quite bizarre out of context to another person. The topics of our conversations are obviously very relevant to our jobs, but many of our random one-liner sentences are kind of funny and/or disturbing when heard by themselves! I asked the keepers to help me out by keeping a list of these one-liners as they remember them from the past or hear them in the future. I already have a list just from the brainstroming today, so I figured I would share these with you. And, apparently we talk about poop a lot! I will share more one-liners with you in the future as the keepers continue to add to the list. Erin also suggested that I take some of the great quotes from our weekly meeting notes (thanks Erin!). I will put the actual context/reference of the sentences in parenthesis after each quote.

“My favorite is when she falls asleep on the potty.” (talking about Wendy woodchuck falling asleep in weird positions while she’s hibernating)
“Did you check Nimbus butt?” (Nimbus the bunny gets her butt checked for loose stool)
“I need a fecal.” (says one keeper to another to get a poop sample of an animal)
“Is this poop or papaya?” (bunny poop and papaya seeds look very similar. Sometimes we put papaya seeds in Kristen’s chair to make her ask… haha)
“Maybe it was just a loaded diaper.” (actually said by one of the facilities guys when Katy and I were trying to figure out the source of a bad smell in Carolina Wildlife the other day)
“Owls either love foam or hate foam.” (said by Cassidy in a meeting when we were talking about how the owls are shredding their new foam perches)
“We could just put the poop behind the dinosaur butt!!!” (says Kristen during a meeting when we are discussing scooping the bear cliff and how difficult it is to haul the heavy bags away)
“Wait, the bear’s built like a bucket?” (said by Katy in a meeting, but she has no idea why)
“My glasses fell in bear poo.” (No explanation needed… that’s just disgusting)

“To get a woodchuck off the side of the road, roll down your window and say,”Get out of the way, you’re too close!” (via Larry’s friend, who has a degree from Woodchuck School…. and was in response to Katy’s original question of, “What do you do if a woodchuck is on the side of the road and you’re afraid it’s going to run out in front of a car?”)

“Peek poo season.” (Said in a meeting during the Fall when we had to scoop the bear yard more often)
And, last but not least…
“I still have my poo Bugsy sign.” (says Katy to Sherry in reference to a chart she had made so that we could record the consistency of Bugsy’s poop)… see the picture of the poo sign below!

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  1. Erin Brown says:

    That sign is one of my favorite things to come out of the department. That's actual poop glued to paper, folks!

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