EnrichBits: A game!

EnrichBits: A monthly (ahem)- ok, quarterly, look at animal enrichment.

Sherry found this a long time ago, and it’s a really interesting way to think about enrichment. This is a game to help experiment with what goes into creating an enrichment program.

Below is the scenario; what kind of enrichment plan would you come up with? Leave your suggestions in the comments section and try to remember all your categories of enrichment!

The zoo recently acquired 1.0 Humans (Homo sapiens) weighing 165 lbs. You are Keepers and are experts in the behavior and captive management of humans. You have been asked to develop an enrichment program that meets the captive needs of the Human. This male is currently housed in a 15’x20’x20’ concrete holding cage with chain link fence and a feeding trough. The holding cage is painted white, has a single drain in the back, and a water bowl. The feeding schedule for this animal is two pounds of fruits and vegetables served raw and whole along with two pounds of cooked meats of various kinds served whole. All food is fed out at 0700 when Keepers arrive in the morning. The exhibit is currently under construction for this animal, but in the meantime he is housed in this cage and moved to a shift cage to be cleaned, and then returned to his cage when cleaning is completed.

Take it from there!

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