QuikPost: Neighborhood Red Shouldered Hawks

I walked out of my house late this morning and saw mating between two red shouldered hawks that were about 20 feet away from me. It was pretty cool (and loud) and even though I felt badly about interrupting, it reminded me that Spring is in the air and there’s a lot going on with the nature around us at this time of year.

Bill Majoros took some AMAZING PHOTOS of red shouldered hawks in Northgate Park. Click here to see his photos from last year. I live in the neighborhood, so it is very possible the birds I saw were the same as those in his photos.

Ranger Greg knows just about everything about birds so he can chime in and provide more info. We have a pair of red shouldered hawks who frequent Explore the Wild. Ranger Greg also has some great posts on his Blog about hawks (and soooo much more).

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  1. ktraphagen says:

    Thanks for these links (the baby hawk photos are amazing)! I just saw one of those adult hawks at Explore the Wild eating in the tree above the Red Wolf exhibit–on a day I didn't have my camera with me! But my binoculars gave me a good view of the event.

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