QuikPost: Your Daily Cute

When I weigh the chinchillas, they get a raisin treat while they’re on the scale.

Jill didn’t want to get on the scale, but she didn’t refuse a raisin treat!

Chinchilla hands vs. Jill hands

6 responses to QuikPost: Your Daily Cute

  1. Erin Brown says:

    Oh, good question Karyn.

    Pepper (the gray one) weighs 566 grams, Salt (the white one) weighs 608 grams, and Jill (the purple one) wouldn’t tell me.

  2. jebrown says:

    Just so we know and clarify, I do not have a chinchilla overbite. That was done for the hilarity factor.

  3. Erin Brown says:

    I will confirm Jill’s statement. She doesn’t usually have a chinchilla overbite. She does, however, always looks that cute when holding a raisin.

  4. Marilyn Johnson says:

    Chinchillas are adorable!! And that’s a pretty funny…. er, cute picture of Jill, too.:)

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