Fun with a fake sheep

We like to make work fun around here whenever possible. Sometimes that fun can be as simple as joking about what the emergency radio call would be if someone were to spontaneously combust while busting up ice in the bear moat (this is a joke between me and Kimberly). But the fun can also be as simple as pranking one of our teammates…. or even just picking on them.

The other day, Kimberly and I set out to make a fake sheep as enrichment for the wolves. This is a fairly common enrichment item for the wolves, and we basically construct really bad replicas of sheep by using cardboard boxes, paper towel tubes, paper mache balloons, real sheep wool from our farmyard sheep, and other items.  Usually we keep our fake sheep small and easy to manage for transport, but Katy gave us the great idea of using this large box for the body of the sheep, and then using some brown packing paper as part of the body, as well.  Immediately Kimberly and I loved this idea, because we knew Mikey was the keeper in Explore the Wild the next day and would have to deal with getting this gigantic fake sheep down to the wolf exhibit!

Just for fun, Kimberly and I decided to document our large fake sheep and take some funny photos with it. We were actually quite proud of our relatively life-sized sheep, and it stayed up on all four legs and everything! (Believe me, that’s a bigger feat for us than it sounds) And to top it off, we managed to get Mikey’s reaction when he walked in the building and saw the fake sheep for the first time… and then was told he would be the one to have to deal with it the next day!

Here's the finished product of the large fake sheep
Kimberly was quite proud of the large fake sheep!
But Kimberly's pride soon turned to concern for the sheep.... "Ummmm, are you ok, Mr. Sheep? You're not moving. Are you hurt?" (that was supposed to be Kimberly's concerned look)
Then I decided to demonstrate what it would look like for a large animal to jump on the sheep.
"Are you serious?! Why would you two do that to me?! I don't want a giant fake sheep riding around in the vehicle with me tomorrow! How embarassing..."

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  1. Mike says:

    Remember when the fake bear charged the Keepers and stole the marshmallows and got to play with the dart gun?? I do!! Now that was fun, except Kent wanted to try the dart gun out on me—- lol

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