Max & Molasses

On Friday, Keeper Marilyn and I were getting enrichment ready for Max, the steer in our Farmyard. Sometimes the enrichment is some kind of scent or flavor sprayed or spread on some of the toys that we vary in the yard. This time, we thought it might be fun to try molasses and see if Max might like it. As soon as he was let out of his stall, he ran down to the pole where we had hung his toys that were smeared with molasses. He wasted no time in figuring out that he could lick off the molasses. It is always good to find special treats that the animals like because we can then use those treats when we need to train the animals to do behaviors that will help the keepers care for the animals. You can read about training here and here.

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  1. Leslie says:

    We had a wedding ceremony outside of the BFH on Saturday evening. After the bride made her way down the aisle and the ceremony began, Max started ringing his cowbell. It provided a lovely musical accompaniment to the couple’s wedding. He stopped when the ceremony was over. 🙂

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