Be on the look-out for Misha the hawk

Our Hawk Handlers have been out and about regularly, which is great for Misha (as well as guests). Actually, the handlers tell me all the time it is one of their most enjoyable things to do at the Museum. It’s a WOW moment for me when I happen upon our staff with Misha talking with guests as they wander through campus. Hope you get one of these moments too!    Read more

Hawk Handlers

It’s exciting as we’re getting a few more staff trained to work with our red-tailed hawk, Misha. Our new handlers will buddy up with some of our current hawk handlers, so hopefully you’ll see us, and Misha, out and about around campus more.    Read more

Max and more behind-the-scenes difficult news

It’s been two week’s without Max and life is still strange. The emails and cards and notes and drawings help to remember how much impact he had. All the tests are not back yet but it seems that Max aspirated some of his food for no apparent reason and died of choke.  It doesn’t seem to be common and there isn’t anything we learned to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again. Maybe the last tests will tell usRead more

Memories of Max

This week was filled with loads of tears – so expected when we lose someone we love and care about deeply. But the week has also been filled with this amazing outpouring of caring and the sharing of “Max stories” as we remember all that Max meant to those who knew him. I have loads and loads of Max memories. Whether it was my early days  bottle feeding him, or watching him run away from Dr. Cannedy (and then learningRead more

Honoring Max

While not surprising, it’s been amazing to hear from so many people who loved Max and will miss him terribly. (click here to read the sad news). It’s so nice to hear from the community of regular Museum visitors and blog readers, especially during difficult times. Max made it easy to form a relationship with him and we all knew he was special. People are inquiring about ways to honor Max. Let us know you care by making a commentRead more