Honoring Max

While not surprising, it’s been amazing to hear from so many people who loved Max and will miss him terribly. (click here to read the sad news). It’s so nice to hear from the community of regular Museum visitors and blog readers, especially during difficult times. Max made it easy to form a relationship with him and we all knew he was special.

People are inquiring about ways to honor Max. Let us know you care by making a comment on the blog (thanks to those who have already done so) or even sending a card or a drawing. The Keepers would love to have your condolences or fun memories or photos or drawings.

You can send us a donation.  In the memo line of the check write “In memory of Max”. ($100 has already been donated in Max’s honor). If you’d rather donate directly on our website, click here, and let us know this is in honor of Max.

Thanks to all of you who support us (the keepers, the animals, and the Museum) through hard times and fun times. We couldn’t do any of this without you.

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6 responses to Honoring Max

  1. Devon Wade says:

    We moved from Durham to NYC this past weekend and my 2 year-old son specially requested a visit with Max on our last day in town (Thursday). He even got a stuffed “Max” from the gift shop to bring to NY with him, because Max was always his favorite. He has slept with his Max every night since. I was so sad to hear this news, and so glad we got to visit with him one last time. We will be thinking of you all at the museum during this tough time. Thank you for all the memories. You were a huge part of what made our time in Durham so special.

  2. Lori Brinn says:

    Sad news. Max was the friendliest cow I’ve ever known. Giver of unsolicited kisses & many fun memories. My 2 year old son has become one of Max’s biggest fans over the past 6 months, requesting that we “go see Max the cow tomorrow” most nights at bedtime. I could probably fill an album with pictures of my kids with this cow over the past 5 years. He’s definitely a family name. You will be missed, Max. Rest in peace.

  3. Annie Haas says:

    My girls will miss Max especially my toddler, as that is what she wants to see most in all of the museum. When we drive there, she mentions Max every time and pulls me to him first. I have a great photo of Max I took with my good camera, as well as a video of Max mooing from last Tuesday! Please let me know where to share them. I am not on Facebook but I am on Instagram. My condolences to all the keepers!

  4. Gabe says:

    That’s really sad. In a previous post you mentioned a necropsy would be performed. Any results come back yet?

  5. Diane lipton Dennis says:

    I live in DC and have visited Max on several occasions with my gran-baby, Eliza who is 2 years old. Eliza built her museum “agenda” around visiting with Max. She loved him and learned so much about kindness to animals through her interactions with Max. She is going to be so sad when she realizes Max is no longer with us…another learning opportunity that I wish she wasn’t having!!

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