QuikPost:They’re heeeeeere

Doh- not the wolf pups :mrgreen: Sorry, I had to do it 😈 but we have more additions to the animal population here at the museum.

A little while ago, we spotted a birds nest that was conveniently hidden on a shelf on top of our sink in the bear house. A few days later we spotted some eggs in the nest. Today, I was cleaning in the bear house and found this greeting me.

Spring is here!

5 responses to QuikPost:They’re heeeeeere

  1. Karyn says:

    You are evil! That was such a tease!!! You got me (and I was ready to grab my camera and come on down). Sigh. The wait continues. But the birds are cute!

  2. Jill Brown says:

    Karyn-Sorry, but I had to do it. I was going to be more cruel by posting a bunch of pups that weren’t ours, but I thought that would be too mean.
    I’m sure the birds would love to be photographed 🙂

  3. Ranger Greg says:

    I just left the wolves no more than an hour or so ago, so I knew it couldn’t have been the wolves you were talking about. But you still got me. I had to have a peek.
    What are the birds, Carolina Wrens?

  4. jillb says:

    Greg, next time I am down there I will let you into the bear house for a look.

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