Bathing a small car…

Yes, that’s right… I said bathing a small car.  That’s because our 1,400 pound steer, Max, is almost big enough to be a small car (or at least it seems that way when you have 4 or 5 people scrubbing him down).  We give Max pretty regular baths during the warmer months of the year. He really seems to enjoy being bathed and pampered and it also serves as a fun thing for our volunteers to participate in, along with being a big hit for our visitors to watch! During one of our 80 degree days last month, Kent decided to bathe Max with some of our volunteers and interns.

Kent pours the baby shampoo onto Max (the steer) while Max (the volunteer) starts scrubbing.
Kent keeps watch while our volunteers and interns bathe our small car... I mean Max the steer... and visitors watch from the side. Max is making no fuss over this business of washing him!
Look at that lather!

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