Last week’s medical procedures

A rough week it was:

May 13:  X-rays for Jean, one of our Farmyard rabbits. She was found in the morning with her leg not quite right. We got her checked out by our vet, and x-rays indicated some dislocated metacarpals. After consulting with a surgeon, we decided to let her rest and see how things would progress (resting still in progress).

Jean on bedrest after dislocating some bones in her foot.

May 23: Heart “zapping” (as we call it) for Kent. Kent’s been mostly out the past month, but returned and was doing so well that his cardiologist said it was time to “zap his heart back” to its normal rhythm.

May 24: Root canal for Kimberly- or maybe it was a tooth pull.  Kimberly has been out the past two Tuesdays having major work done on her mouth.

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